Real-time data surveillance

What it is

Our Ubicloud™ division provides real-time security event monitoring and fast, intelligent security incident response. The service is built on a three-pronged approach of technology, people, and processes.  At Ubicloud, we are able to provide 24×7 security operations, that cover:

                      • log collection and management,
                      • monitoring and alerts, and
                      • response and analysis.

Our managed service engine easily adapts to your existing SIEM or directly to your network environment.  Our service comes in two versions:

                      • cloud based, and
                      • directly installed in your network.

The Ubicloud™ also offers internal testing, ticketing, and internal alarms to ease certification toward PCI DSS.

Security Log Management

The heart of security is ready access to information.  Ubicloud™, by default, collects and stores security logs from servers, network devices, and security devices.  At Ubicloud, we have created an agent deployed on each of your networked machines, and it sends your security logs in a fully encrypted format to our Ubicloud™ system.  It also provides for our managed services to connect to your structure giving you access to our security experts in the proper context.  Thanks to an expert system, we offer different levels of services.  This includes our 24×7 managed service supported by a redundant infrastructure and monitored and managed by an experienced team of network and security experts.

Intelligent correlation

The Ubicloud™ correlation system is preconfigured with a matrix including thousands of rules and provides specialized reports, like for PCI DSS environment.  Finally, we have in place detection tools to help determine if a breach has happened and if a theft is in progress

More than just a SIEM

With the Ubicloud™ service, each security event is analyzed to determine if it is part of a malicious activity.  Ubicloud continually optimizes an expert system that recognizes malicious behavior and ignores false positives, allowing action to be taken when the system discovers an attack or an unrecognized event signature.

If your team does not respond in time, an experienced Ubicloud security expert will ensure that the event is escalated and the expert will be available if needed.  Ubicloud’s incident response process ensures fast and competent response to every incident either by your team or ours.

Why use Ubicloud™?

Either to accelerate your compliance or to really get protected, you need more than just just designing an SIEM.  As well, in modern times, it is difficult to bring qualified personnel around the clock.  By sharing properly the expertise, Ubicloud™ makes sure that your precious assets are monitored adequately.

Ubicloud Security Operating Center (SOC)

The SOC is the brain of all of Ubicloud’s Managed Security Services offerings.  It is built around formal log management and identity experts who monitor and protect the different customer environment types.

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